Oh Damn

These little shits exploded overnight. At first I kept seeing them here and there but now they’re everywhere…

The End is Near

I just kilt like 20 of these fuckers on my way to get some chop cheese. They’re everywhere. What the fuck do the eat in the city? I don’t unnustan. Anyhoo, the grill was down so I got a gyro from the halals instead. It’s so messy. But good though.

Mmmmm Chop Cheese

I came to work mad late. Didn’t even fix my hair or face. There were two incidents this morning that I missed including a fire. But I had the most banginest chop cheese though. I’m getting another at lunch. H better not forget the pickles this time…

Space Travel?

Space travel cannot be done. That is a matterfactual statement that I stand by. I will not give any further comment on that. This is something you need to figger out by yourself. If you wanna ask, ‘Why is Russia and China in on it?’ That’s also a can of worms you need to eat […]