Can’t Be Done?

If somebody tells you something can’t be done, it only means that person can’t do it. One of the only things that cannot be done in this world is Space Travel. Most things other than that are possible…

Super KeWL

What I think would be super awesome and kewl and alldat is if rappers would actually connect with the streets they came from. Maybe create a panel of the most outspoken people from The Streets. Then create raps based upon what The Streets are actually enduring… Rather than a bunch of wannabe bullshit.

Same Shit (Poem)

Freud called it the id The Messiah called it a demon Judah called it a spirit of vengeance that captivates everything outside and in ya AA call it disease The Feds call it a choice Proponents call it a given Clients call it a voice No matter what it is Can’t get it out of my head Can’t get it out of my system Call it what you want But it’s talking same shit Doing the same thing Never listen