Deep Think (Poem)

I’m a deep think I don’t think just to think I think to go in on the typa shit that you don’t want to heard Just so I can come back out with the shit that you think is absurd

Unsolved (Poem)

If connection is the opposite of addiction how many murders will be left unsolved? If murder is on the same realm as addiction how many connections have been desolved? For murder is in lack of connection to the victims who remain untold How often do you wonder Why, why, why Is it so unsolved?

Northern Lights

I put the Northern lights on all my backgrounds. Seeing the Northern lights is at the top of my bucket list. I was in a zoom meeting earlier and she commented on my Northern Lights then said it was on her bucket list. That is my bucket list. If I don’t see anything else, I […]

Rocking Horse (Poem)

I’m off my rocking horse Trying to get back on it Standing right beside it Like how the fuck was I ever the one who rode it The shit don’t make no sense I ain’t got nothing in common with shit so dense What the fuck common sense when ain’t nothing common about having sense? Oh fuck this What the fuck is a rocking horse anyway? Is being on the rocker gon get anybody somewhere? Guess not I’m bout to walk

I’m Back

It feels weird to be back at work. I need another staycation already…