What it is… (Poem)

I once met this KuNt who was lying She was telling everybody she is who she is Then I waited for the TiMe to transpire To make my move to what it is To what it is

Issues with Mobile Crisis Teams

There are a few issues with Mobile Crisis Teams that many of people are dedicated to solving. 1) Most of them can only visit a residential or shelter. They cannot be called to a public facility or the streets 2) In order for the Teams to be most successful, we must have alternative places to […]

Mobile Crisis Teams

If ever you decide to call 911 because a person is drunk or actin up, I beg of you to call a mobile crisis team instead. Unless the person is violent or in the act of self-harm, there is no reason to call a brigade of police and ambulances. This only makes the situation worse. […]

Best Birthday Ever

I got to get paid to each and chill on my birthday. I even got birthday cake. As if I need it. I better hatch my big plans fast before I get morbidly obese. I’m already technically obese… I didn’t realize we were right near the beach til before we left. Now I know a […]

September 29th

I know the calendar was different back then but September 29th was when the True Messiah was born. Not the fictitious baby. This was the day when Mary was finally able to preach the Gospel amid a flock of men who didn’t believe a Woman could be a Prophet…

Christian Rap

I been listening to Christian Rap and it’s pretty KeWL but I can’t hear what they’re saying over the music…

IsReAL (Poem)

You’re not the ReAL Jewz Get outta heeere You’re not ReAL Christians Get outta heeere You can MANsplain til the eNd Get outta heeere The only iSReAL is real so get outta heeere

The Promised Land

Sigh… I have so many things to say but you can’t comprehend it all now. You see… The Promised Land was never about killing every man, woman and child in the inhabited land that would one day be called Israel. The only reason the Real Jewz did this was to spread The WORD throughout the […]

A Lonely Army (Poem)

Lord in the Heavens What am I doing here? What have I come to be? in these wicked lands? Just a nobody nothing Just a chase after wind Just a knock at a door unanswered How far more must I go to reach the Promised Land? It seems like every step I take goes backward And I AM… So tired and lonely So young yet so old So willing to do the things so untold It feels like I’m pushing against an army of Lizardz With no protection but the shield on my arm And yes… that shield is more armor than ten thousand armies But still… It gets so lonely behind your great cause

Night Whisperer (Poem)

Are you still here with me? Cuz I’m already gone A night whisperer I’m just here til the morn