You are my first Love and you will be my last Love to the very end. I never felt for anyone else what I feel for you. And you know this… Because…

Marshall Mathers Songs

His songs always catch me at those certain times when I need to hear it. That’s why I know he is a messenger of Yahuah…


Eeeew… I used to like pets. I will never have another pet for as long as I live. Except, of course, my wall mounted fish tanks that I will put into them Wondering Jew, Devils Vine, and Angel fish so they can feed off each other. My coworkers are obsessed with their little dogs. I […]

Masters in Social Work

Once I get my CASAC I could make $56,000 a year without over time. Then I’ll be able to start working on my Masters in Social Work. Then I’ll have the credibility necessary to fuel the Anarchist revolution.


This week I’m doing the paperwork to enroll in CASAC classes. I found an online one that I can do in my own pace. I’m aiming for 3 months although it usually takes 6 months. Then I hafta do the hours. I ponder if I can take the test before I do the hours. People […]


I went to iHop for panniecakes earlier. I got the strawberry banana protein panniecakes. Why do they use plastic utensils? So irresponsible… And it’s back to painting. I can’t wait til it’s done so I can focus on exercising and self-care…