I’m Good

I’m fine where I’m at. I have a good support system, a job that supports my well being, connections who want to know where I’m at. I’m totally fine… SooOooo…

Can’t Forgive

The Holy Spirit can’t, won’t, don’t forgive anything that stands in The Way….

Rap Wars?

I guess what I’m really pissed about is that Yahuah’s Chosen People are spending all their time with dumbass rap wars when they could be using their GOD GIVEN TALENT to war against the real enemy… And that is something I CAN’T FORGIVE…


I’m doing it ya’ll. I going to finish painting and get everything organized by Wednesday. Then I’ll work on getting a exercise routine going so I can tone up some of this 220 lbs. Yes, I gained 10 more pounds. All my pants are shrinking. Pretty soon I’ll need to buy a whole new wardrobe. […]