True Thought (Lyrics)

Lord let up on my chest… Can’t stand the problems in my head… You know I’m broken and I’m scared… Why you gon leave me out like this… I’m rolling in I’m so fallen and I’m so broken and I’m scared Don’t leave me out like this Iiiii Think I’m lost In the thought of you The only one who can get me through Those bitter days Seems no better way Than the thought of you But I don’t know how to stayyyyyeeeee In the thought of you The only thought that’s true

Cosa Nost (Poem)

Git git git Get outta here MAAAN Your piddeLy beef is more than I can stand I got about a jillion more wins cashed up in my hand The only thing that’s stoppin me is the crux in your Klan Unbearable platanos Lies that go Cosa Nost Days seem like hours when we’re caught in your haaand