Trans WoMEN competing in Women’s Sports?

We had a discussion about this at work. Dude was all like, ‘But when men take estrogen it makes them like women.’ Uuuuuh NO. That is not true. Men are built entirely differently than women. I bet if you found a bunch of seemingly scrawny dudes and put them in a match against brute women, the men would go through and knock the women out, one by one with one punch. Men are stronger than women, I don’t care how much estrogen they take. It’s in their DNA from millions of years of being protectors.

Then he was like, ‘But would you be opposed to women in men’s sports.’ HELL to the NO. Men have the upper hand no matter what. If a woman wants to train hard enough to compete against men, more glory to you. Men, on the other hand, must attempt to make themselves weaker in order to compete against women. That’s a problem… OBVIOUSLY…

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