I Knew… (Poem)

I knew that I knew more than I knew but I didn’t know what it was I saw a glimpse of my life unfold before my eyes But I couldn’t stop it from coming I saw the truth in the lies The lense in the skies The poison running through my body I tried to sit back and let it unfold just let it go But I still caught feelings from it

Trans WoMEN competing in Women’s Sports?

We had a discussion about this at work. Dude was all like, ‘But when men take estrogen it makes them like women.’ Uuuuuh NO. That is not true. Men are built entirely differently than women. I bet if you found a bunch of seemingly scrawny dudes and put them in a match against brute women, […]

Been through it?

I went by myself on the floor at the homeless shelter. Dude was like, ‘You’re the only female who comes on the floor by herself. You must have really been through it to not have any fear.’ I suppose. Or maybe I just don’t give a honkey…

Happy Happy Happy

Everybody keeps saying how I’m always happy and they love my laugh. I don’t feel happy nor do I see how my laugh is any different. I suppose it’s a good thing. I never was one to see what others see in me.