The less you shoot… (Poem)

I got what I wanted then I fucked that package up A meal for the birds who find joy in the pain I sat around and wondered quite more often than I should have if I’d ever make sense of the mess of words in my head Each letter, a tip Each word, a bullet Each message, the power that goes inside Each person, a rifle Perception, a scope Each target is what we plan to own But when targets are just practice in your insatiable lust for more Then what you own is a pile of nothing With a chasing after moan But the less you shoot the more you aim What a beautiful life when you get what you claim


Do you think I went a little overboard with my delivery order? I’m kicking off my new diet and exercise routine. I was reading an article that you can lose 30 pounds in a month by doing the 12-3-30 routine. I attest to that. When I lost all that weight in rehab I was doing […]