Why rehabs suck…

Oh how I count the ways. But for the sake of not having to write a bunch of shit, let’s bypass the general atmosphere of alleged rehabs and go straight for the clinical aspect.

Rehabs are full of workers who have no passion for their jobs. They want to do the bare minimum so they can leave as swiftly as possible. Thus the ‘groups’ and ‘curriculum’ consist of a few things the alleged clinicians drummed up off the internet and the repetitively present to an evermore bored and agitated group of participants who evermore question what the fuck is rehab doing for them anyway.

For example, in one of the boring, repetitive, useless groups that I was required to attend in rehab I learnt that people can give themselves Hep C just by using old syringes and razors. A complete load of crap, but hey, I suppose it makes sense.

I would like to create a free curriculum full of meaningful groups and activities that LAZY clinicians can rely on to make rehab a more memorable experience.

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