KoOCkaCoOo (Poem)

Do you ever feel like you’re the only person in the universe and the universe is just fuckin with you? The shadow people are all in your moves Like every move you make There’s three making moves at you? Whoda knew That you’re so KoOCkaCoOo As you sit there tryina act like you know to act right

Cat Call (Poem)

Hey baby Got a boyfriend? Where you going now? Can I take you out? Look like you need a friend Can I get you something? Hold up MAAAN Why you call me that? Do I look like I got a diaper strapped on my back? It don’t matter where I’m going Long as it’s not wit you You could try to take me out if you’re ready for that kill I surrend to GOD I don’t need a friend The only thing you can get is your dick fed to the pigs

Unleash the Beast

Ya’ll are so nasty I swear to God. Yes, women can be whores but men are the definition of WHORE. Something snapped in my today and I’m afraid I can’t put that beast back down. Up until this point I’ve tried to brush off the incessant cat calls and ‘can I get you somethings…’ But […]


I was telling my coworker about my horrible day yesterday and how I can’t win in this depression battle. He’s AA all the way so he gave me the big speech about being grateful, and that I should count my blessings. Blah blah blah… Being pretty does not counteract depression obviously. How can one enjoy […]