Bitchyackity YaCk

I’m trying to get my apartment together. It’s a total wreck because I have boxes on boxes of furniture that I haven’t put together cuz I ain’t got time fo dat. I’m taking a personal this weekend to do as much as possible. At least it’s half way painted. It sucks being alone in this cold cruel world. People offered to help but help is never really help.

Anyhoo, I decided to put on Bitchyonce cuz … why not? My God… I got through about four songs before I literally couldn’t listen anymore. It’s like she tries way to hard to represent a certain image while appeasing certain groups. It just sounds like a slew of catch phrases that a homosexuals say to each other at the club. I guess it makes sense, I mean, that is her audience…

I turnt up Kendrick Lamar instead…

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