I’m bout to take a nap in the bathtub… jus sayin… I like to take naps in the bathtub…

Wrinkle Dust (Poem)

I will love you until the wrinkles fade Into the wrinkle dust that never comes our way

Alicia Keys

Even though I don’t generally listen to music so my opinion really doesn’t matter. You know, I have certain songs and artists that come to mind when I’m in some typa mood. One female artist who really gets to me is Alicia Keys… But she is only second best to Lauryn Hill forEVER…

Beautiful, Valliant & Proud (Lyrics)

I told em to wait out for you But they didn’t understand understand it I told em to wait out for you But they did their own, did their own thang Time flies When you’re all stuck in a dream I guess you forgot where you came from Cuz the dirt ain’t so beautiful when you’re so Hiiiigh High off that horse the that you came Beautiful, valliant and proud So valliant you crush everything

Black Slavery

I sure would like to hear the TRUE voice of Black people. I’m not hearing it though. I’m not hearing it anywhere. All I hear is the voice of Black people who are stuck in the White Man system. What a glorious day it will be when I hear the Voice I once knew upon […]

Bitchyackity YaCk

I’m trying to get my apartment together. It’s a total wreck because I have boxes on boxes of furniture that I haven’t put together cuz I ain’t got time fo dat. I’m taking a personal this weekend to do as much as possible. At least it’s half way painted. It sucks being alone in this […]