Defining Spaz & Retard

My “New Tab” at work is set on MSN news. I read the headlines from time to time and it’s the same shit ery single day. Once again Bitchyonce is in the news, getting censored over a word. My take on this hoopla is the same as it’s been since the N Word.

Fakestream culture tends to place all the attention and blame on words or objects, thus focusing the conversation on the surface of the issue. I would like to see the conversation go South toward the deeper issues at the core of the struggle. Words are defined by the meaning we give them. Meanings change, thus words are only as strong as the power we hold onto within them. I don’t see people going around boo hoo hooing when people say Idiot; meanwhile, that was the first term that was labeled on the mentally impaired.

POINT ONE: The real conversation should be centered on the people who use words like Spaz and Retarded against the mentally impaired. When someone uses hateful words it’s because they themselves are mentally and emotionally impaired. Thus, they are the ones who are the retardz.

POINT TWO: The REAL conversation should not be focused on what people are doing that is wrong. It should be focused on what people are doing that is right. Fakestream media is a pro at pointing out all the problems in the world as the solutions get shoved to the side amid the avalanche of backfire that is sparked through incessant fingerpointing and mansplaining. Let’s hear about what people are actually doing to combat bullying, rather than thought policing and banning.

The eNd

PS… I’m going back to bed… forEVER…

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