Castles to Dust (Poem)

Woe how the times have changed..

Words have changed meanings
Songs have changed tunes

Castles to dust
And lies became truth

But the feat that won’t change is the plight of bafoons
Always looking to get what they want
With no ruth

What’s this thing you call God?
That you put before all?
That you use as a token to judge by the law?
That you grant as a crown to the kings of the world?
And then act like a vote is what freedom is worth…

But if Christ is your King then you got it all wrong
Because Christ is the King who is free you from the law

The law that placed shackles on the hearts of man
As they warred against God to claim domination

For the Law of Moses is the law of no kings
A covenant broken when they asked for a king
A covenant shackled by the plight of the kings
A covenant throned by the King of All Kings

So now here we are
Circumcised by the system
A system so broken no God can fix it

Shackled by words
Seduced by songs
Castles to dust
Judged by God

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