I figured out the whole Two Factor Athentication debacle. I didn’t want to have problems if I ever try to get back into WordPress again. So now I’m uninstalling. Have a nice life everyone. I know I won’t… GOD… my brain hurts… I’m going ta bed…

What the KuNt

I’m so aggravated. WordPress apparently doesn’t want anybody to logout of the site, change passwords, two factor authentication, etc. Either that or I’m blind. I’m so irritated my soul hurts. I can’t even search it because everything I find is from What the holy hellin kunt shit fuck am I supposed to do?

Vaccination Backfire

Now scientific studies are showing that the vaccines lower immune function. If they try to make me get my booster for work I’m gonna fight them on it. Not that I care about my immunity. It’s the last of my worries. I just want to see what they’ll do. Covid didn’t do shit to me. […]

BLS Certification

I finally got my BLS certification. Next I’ll do the instructor training. Then I can be the only person on Staten Island who teaches CPR and shit… kewL right?

Addiction = Capitalism (Poem)

If the opposite of addiction is connection Then the opposite of connection is the system that chains us to the lies The biggest lie of all The lie the system is grounded on The lie that puts all at odds with each other And lays the target on our backs The lie thats gives the kings their thrones And claims is all that freedom knows The lie that sanctifies all greed And blames its problems on the needy The lie that will take all to its prophetic bitter end Capitalism

Give up on Life Mode (Poem)

I’m in, give up on life mode I’m in, throw up my hands and jump of the life boat I’m in, doubting I’ll ever do anything rightful I’m in, do it tonight mode I got a plan Don’t know if I should plan it I called the number All they did ask me questions If I knew the answers I wouldn’t be asking If I knew the answers I wouldn’t be writing this song Think of your moms Think of your daughter Think about all the fights that you won’t conquer Thinking too much got me thinking it’s over I think you should think about minding your own mind

Ripe (Poem)

Big Brother is here for you Don’t think much about it Just enjoy the fruits The last thing he wants is for you to stress your fragile cells So just sit back and relax He’ll take care of everything else Especially the ones who… Have your own mind Don’t do as you’re told Question the […]

It’s KewL

If ‘people’ want to be pussy azz jiggaz forever, it’s totally kewL. It’s your bed. You can do what you want with it. You want to be in a gigantic orgie with a bunch of Lizardz and Hobbitz, do you. I’m sure it’ll get you what you worked for in the end. I however am […]

What the Health

I’m never eating meat again. So that’s why I got large again. I started eating meat again. Apparently, all meat has carcinogens and the worst of all is chicken. It’s like eating cigarettes. I’m over it. I feel better when I don’t eat meat. I been going through it lately. I got so much going […]

Truf (Poem)

You can change the facts But the facts don’t change Dim the lights but the light won’t fade Talk your talk but all you’re getting is lost when you’re walking like you got a better walk to ya