Beautiful Day in Brooklyn

Damn, it’s nice round deez parts. I’m gonna walk across the bridge on Wednesday. Maybe I’ll have a picnic and take a nap in the park. OooOooh… that sounds nice…

Chantix Appointment

I been waiting for this appointment all month. First they said I don’t have an appointment, and now they’re making me wait. This is bulsh… And now it’s raining. Of course I gotta go to Brooklyn tonight… grrrrr… And now this old dude is telling stories about what a mack he is. Reminds me of […]

Zombie Apocalypse

I just realized I’m going to be working all day today. I’m working a double then I gotta go to disaster training, whereupon they are taking pics for our IDs. I hope I don’t look tired. I was supposed to bring my bugout bag but it’s not ready yet. It’s gonna be the best one. […]