Hopelessly in Love (Lyrics)

I’m not I fool I’m just caught up in a dream of me and you I’m just wondering if tantra sex is true I’m just hopelessly in love

Bad Dream

I just woke up from a day terror where I was stuck in a weird twisted fairy land where the fairies kept playing sick and twisted mind games on me so I would want to murder someone. I’m glad that’s over…


Any MORON could’ve figgered this day would come. Which means the beyond-MORONs who run this shitshow are beyond MORONIC. A new drug has clawed its way to the streets that is more potent that Fentanyl and doesn’t show in drug tests. This is what happens when you ban shit. People just come up with more […]

The Morning Star (Poem)

Fire is the path of least resistance Take what you want and get what you deserve All who insist on getting their own way won’t hear the prophetic word until their ears start to burn The dimmed lamp shining in the dark place has all but fade to black Propped up in the house of the wolves in wool And adorned with racks on racks Unscathed the light of the new day cometh The Dawn of the Morning Star No longer culled by the light of the lamp Truth will shine in our hearts