Cloudy with a Chance of Tears

I just took a bubble bath and listened to Skylar Grey’s album. It’s dope. She seems super sad. I listened to it once before but I wasn’t feeling it that day. I was in a mood so I didn’t wanna listen to boo hoo hoo. But I dig it though…


I’m getting back on Chantix and Naltrexone to manage my cravings. Naltrexone is also supposed to help with weightloss. Hopefully, it’ll get me on track with a better routine so I can manage my busy schedule without all the anxiety. I’m basically working a round the clock job at this point with all the committees […]

I Can’t Take iT

Marshall Mathers is so cute. Everytime is see him I want to squish him. When he does that eye twitchy thing I just want to kiss his eyeballs. Why am I so obsessed?