Sensitivity training or PERSONALITY TRAINING…

People are too sensitive. Sensitive people have no personality. Cuz if they had personality they know how to love themselves enough to be able to not let dumb shit bother them. Rather than censoring people who are assholes and trying to shove all this sensitivity crap down our throats, maybe we should do some PERSONALITY […]

I’m gonna start smoking again

I can’t stop eating. It’s outta control. How come I don’t feel large when I’m naked? It’s only when I wear clothes that I feel like a tub of lard? I need to get back on Chantix. At least for a while. Then it’ll block both cravings…

When Pigs Fly (Poem)

I woke up today wishing I had nothing left to say cuz that’d be the day when pigs grow wings and fly away


I’m so over sheepalism. When lord? I’m so sick of people blaming things for what they do. If PEOPLE have a drug problem, it’s the drug’s fault, ban drugs. If PEOPLE are killing people with guns, it’s the gun’s fault, ban guns. There’s no accountability for anything. Then they wonder why society is sick. You […]