I went broke at the Dollar Tree

I just went broke at the Dollar Tree yo. You ain’t kewL until you go broke at the Dollar tree… in Spanish Harlem…

Everything is an adventure

I guess being trapped in a hellhole with a narcissist for 15 years and then struggling with complex PTSD for 7 years after that has giving me a whole new take on life. Everything is an adventure. Things most people view as a negative (such as being homeless or going to rehab) was some of […]

Full Deck (Lyrics)

I’m Running away The dream is over You’re not making me stay And I’m not gonna take no more A million reasons why You got no words to play A full deck inside

Bringing SMART to the Rehabs

After I get my SMART Recovery meetings established st the shelter and on Staten Island, I’m bringing it to the rehab in Harlem. Then I will do a presentation for the DOHMH and then I will take it to my reps to get funding to put peer run SMART meetings in all dual diagnosis rehabs. […]

SMART Recovery

OMG… I am doing it yo. I’m creating a SMART Recovery meeting format that is sure to impress. I’m so excited. I’m bout ta make serious moves with this shit right here…

Teresa the Turkey

There’s turkeys on Staten Island yo…

The Fog is Clearing

I feel like the fog is lifting and I’m finally thinking more clearly. Before I was letting other people’s opinions cloud my perspective. I’ve been tuning out everyone and everything so I can connect with my true voice. I dont watch the news, no twatter, no tic toc, no Lizard memes and neverending insults, no […]

Gotta Get Tested

Apparently, I’ve been compromised. Must get tested… at the ferry… I feel like I live at the damn ferry…

Cloudy with a Chance of Tears

I just took a bubble bath and listened to Skylar Grey’s album. It’s dope. She seems super sad. I listened to it once before but I wasn’t feeling it that day. I was in a mood so I didn’t wanna listen to boo hoo hoo. But I dig it though…


I’m getting back on Chantix and Naltrexone to manage my cravings. Naltrexone is also supposed to help with weightloss. Hopefully, it’ll get me on track with a better routine so I can manage my busy schedule without all the anxiety. I’m basically working a round the clock job at this point with all the committees […]