Retrograde (Poem)

He said that’s what she said But she didn’t say a thing All that he said, she said, they said, bullshit Stuck in retrograde How far uphill can a blind one walk before the backsliding settles in Before the mountain they chose to climb turns out to be a pile of Lizard shit Before the ground opens up and swallow them whole Because the ground they walk is split Before the shepherd they fall in line turns out to be the one who don’t exist She said that’s what he said But they never say a thing All that gunk coming out they mouths starts shit then falls in retrograde

Tik Tok Bullhonkey

I can’t with this tik tok shit anymore. It’s like Twatter but in video format. Just a bunch of birds birdbraining it up by maxing out their little 5 secs of brainpower they have to allocate toward ‘original thought.’ Pathetic. I don’t watch this shit but I keep having it shoved into my skull. When […]