Another Shit Mayor

Here we go again. Another know it all who thinks he has what it takes to ‘do what needs to be done’ without asking anybody or thinking about anything but his ego. I ponder if any of these old ‘goats’ will ever bend back their horns in submission to The People. He needs to go […]

Rockin My Narcan

On the ferry jus casually rockin my Narcan… gotta raise awareness…

Hennifer Hopez

I ponder if Ben ever gets laid. I mean, Hennifer ain’t down if it ain’t on camera. Ben clearly isn’t doing any muff diving…

Shen Yun (Divine Rhythm)

Best day ever. I wasn’t expecting Shen Yun to have an underlying Christian End of Days theme. KeWL… And I had my lobster and ate it too. Now… What’s for desert… hmmmmmmm…

New York New YORRRK

I just be feeling New York City so much sometimes I can’t stand it. It’s almost as strong as my feelings for…

The way it goes… (Poem)

It comes in waves I see it then I don’t I feel it then I push back I want it then I hate the mere thought

I cooked

Mmmmmmmmmmm… food… I guess I’ll go quasi-vegan next week…

When you need me, DON’T (Lyrics)

When you need me Don’t If you ask it I won’t Keep on calling My mailbox is full Go out and clear your head Put yourself back in check I’m not your to patrol and command

Shen Yun Countdown

I jus got my nails done for Shen Yun. I’m not sure how the seats are gonna be but i don’t care. It’s gonna be stupid, phat dope. Hopefully, I won’t look too large in my dress… It appears I cut my find somehows…

Best Day Ever

Aside from my mindblowing skirt wearing achievement, I had a very productive day. With the help of my team leader, I unpacked a decade’s worth of experience into my storytime session. I told her my ideas and plans that have been burning through my skull. We’re going to work it into a series of stories […]