Homeless Shelters in Chinatown

People are so clueless these days it’s nauseating. So Chinatown has six homeless shelters that many community members perceive as a problem. However, these community members have no interest in looking beneathe the surface into why the shelter are producing undesirable results. All they see is more shelter more problem. So now they are throwing a fit that DHS wants to put up more shelter.


First of all, the more shelters we have, the better equipped we are to break up the populations so we can help the homeless on a more personalized level.


Secondly, it’s not the shelters that are the issue. Providing shelter for humans is not a bad thing. There is a much deeper rooted issue that must be addressed and this Chinatown situation is actually a perfect opportunity to address the issue. Rather than trying to condemn shelter all together, the community should be working toward trying to control the type of population the shelters will house, by dictating the rules of the shelter and the populations served.


Lastly, the concept of protesting has lost its meaning. People used to protest with a deeply devoted investment into knowledge and awareness of the situation they are protesting. Nowadays, people don’t want to be bothered with anything they perceive as a nuisance so they jump on any opportunity to whip out a sign and chant in a blowhorn.




  1. There are already 6 shelters in Chinatown. On one hand, it’s so important for homeless people to have shelter. BUT THEY ALREADY HAVE 6 in Chinatown. Locate the new shelter elsewhere. Chinatown is not the ghetto for homeless services. The problem is systemic racism. If White people don’t want it, put it in Chinatown.


    • Shelters are not the problem. It’s the way shelters are governed that is the problem. If they said, “Were going to put a shelter in Chinatown for homeless women who have either are employed or in school and do not use drugs…’ would you object to that?


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