Wishy Washy (Poem)

I’m in a mood
but I know it won’t last

Woke up on the wrong side of moving too fast

Neither asleep nor awake as I arose from my bed
Neither high-stride nor quell as I prepare for my day

I got alot of mind that I don’t like to think about
Got a little piece of heaven in a place inside my head

I’m a wishy washy

But no softy

If you think I can’t
Watch me

But don’t try me

So… I woke up this morning feeling conflicted about everything in life. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep. Kept waking up thinking about this thing that I try super hard not to think about, checking my phone and twat not. Couldn’t fix my hair to save my life, out the door without makeup, feeling like total crap… Now I have training all day… fun timez…

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