I did a bunch of ‘finally’s’ yesterday. I finally did a face peel which will start peeling tomorrow. Fun timez. I finally got to give this breakdancer dude a tip on the train. I kept dissing him cuz I had no money. I finally got 3D xray on my tooth. It’s been bothering me ever […]

Gun Permit

I just called the gun guy and he said it’ll cost me almost $800 to get a gun permit. Do you think I should do it? As if I care what you think…

Disaster Volunteer

I’m being trained as a basic life support trainer next month and I just signed up at two places to serve as a volunteer during a disaster. I’m also establishing a Go Bag with all typa shit in it. And some weapons.. I can feel it coming in the air tonight… or is that sheeple […]


Quick question… If these fucktards in government have their mouths wrapped so tightly around each other’s assholes that they don’t even know where the word ‘Liberal’ came from, yet are constantly using it as some typa divisive means to wagon-up, then what they fuck else are they completely clueless about?

Defunct (Poem)

You don’t want us on the streets Don’t want to see us passing by Cover your kids eyes when you got something to say as if the eyes are defunct to that myth you call change Watch what you say Sticks and stones break way less bones than words that come in a hostile tone What you think you know? If you can’t stand what you see there’s no worth in what you say Light only blinds those who can’t bear the pain

Homeless Shelters in Chinatown

People are so clueless these days it’s nauseating. So Chinatown has six homeless shelters that many community members perceive as a problem. However, these community members have no interest in looking beneathe the surface into why the shelter are producing undesirable results. All they see is more shelter more problem. So now they are throwing […]

Tru the roof

I joined Credit Saint like two weeks ago and my credit score already jumped over 60 points… KeWL right?

No Tourist Zone

I figgered out that there are no tourists at the bottom…

I’m a real bird

I decided the other day that I’m a real bird. Now I keep telling everyone. I’m currently doing more Overdose training for five days. I’m in this shit deep. I be schooling each group I’m in about all the other groups. Which reminds me about my new secretary duties plus I’ve been called to speak […]

12 XL… And what?

Do these pants make me look large? Well good… Cuz I’m a 12 XL so mission accomplished…