What I Say (Lyrics)

When I say what I say Then I say you better get it If the son gon shine you better get with it If these birds ain’t gon fly for me, too shy Then it’s not alright for me to be aiight I said I said I’ll say it again If these birds don’t fly then it’s over and If there ain’t no streams for the storm to flow Then it’s all gonna flood before too long Can’t count all the times that I wanted to blow If it’s on then it’s on and I’m ready to go I say what I say I say you gon get it If it’s on then it’s on you know I want some And if we don’t push back then we’re gonna pay Don’t just sit back, hit back, turn up the flame I ain’t getting any younger I’m dying everyday Pay something, Earn nothing Bawling rain Take it to the corner turn up the flame It’s the same old, same old Burn up the game But if it ain’t gon change for me tonight Then it’s all long gone before daylight I said, I said, I’ll say it again If these birds don’t fly then it’s over and If you ain’t to proud for me fly Then it’s on and it’s on with me all night We’re all about the pain and the suffering And if it ain’t about to change then it’s over and When I say what I say you know I’m gon shine And I’ll say what I say til the End of Time

The Roast (Lyrics)

Hurry on down while the roast is on If you’re here to stay you better walk the walk ohhh, oh I got a loose end MAN on the chair gonna face the throne So low down Better change your ways ohh ohh oh You got no chance Settle your debt The fight is ON We’re gonna get your ass back Gonna knock your house down And raise the roof At the end of the rainbow The lock on the door You lost the key out the window And now we’re paying ah-all you fail to be I got my heads in the clouds Heart on the road Heading on down to the best damn roast in hell I got a loose end

Forget You (Lyrics)

I don’t wanna go anywhere I don’t wanna do anything I don’t want to spend my time thinking how I wish you were spending your time with me I just wanna waste away With a bottle of gin In the wrong side of town Try to forget you Forget you

That’s the way it goes (Lyrics)

Down side of up Upside of down Wrong side of right Outside of town It’s not alright to feel down It’s not enough to be strong What’s on the news is all the same What’s in their mouths is over rated All the promises are shady They tell us all to settle down That’s the wayeeeee That’s the wayeeeee That’s the wayeeeee That’s the way it goes