A Million Goodbyes (Lyrics)

As I go As I stay As I leeeave Out that door Pack my bags I can’t stand Said a miii-llion goodbyes I don’t want One more round As I lay in our bed As I lay in our bed Said a million goodbye

Road Less Lit (Lyrics)

You say I got it coming I say you got it wrong The only thing that gets me coming is what gets you going I’m out on the road less lit You keep saying it’s not way Well if it’s not the way then why are you waiting to find a road that is? I’m over this over that mountain Across the river and through the woods Looking down that waterfall And all I see is you looking that waterfall too But I’m out on the road less lit And you’re stuck on the path most traveled I guess we’ll when our paths get crossed whose path hits harder whose path gets knocked

Two Right Feet?

Yo… Am I buggin or does this lady have two right feet?

Something Else (Lyrics)

Ii-ii-ii-iii I see you over there lying to me with that look that gets me so Hi-ii-ii-iiigh I don’t care what you’re saying to me I just want to feel something else

Music Industry Rebels?

First of all, you can’t be a sellout and a revolutionary. ‘People’ in the music industry, or any slave market, cannot be revolutionary voices for change while at the same time repping for their chosen slave market. All they are doing is making slavery even more deep-rooted by making it seem like there’s a ‘right […]

New Beginnings (Lyrics)

I don’t know what side that you’re on I can’t see what you say when you’re wrong The last time I figured you out I forgot, who I was Praying for the road that you led me to end Praying I won’t be here to share the reward Praying for the lightening to strike me dead Praying for my life to begin

pitiful trials (Poem)

All the horrible things I seen people done They Themsemselves Lies lie to everyone All the terrible things I heard people say Forget you I don’t need anybody whose name isn’t me All the pitiful trials I prayed for case closed People need people Rome wasn’t built by one man on one throne Whatever you tell yourself to make the lies feel at home What you refuse to accept to make theft less uncomfortable

La La Land

Apparently, there’s a whole war going on in Staten Island. People dying left and right. But nobody’s talking about it. They don’t call it ‘the forgotten borough’ for nothing. Plus, it’s always much more important to watch rich people squander the Earth’s resources than to actually use the resources to make things better for the […]

The Struggle iSreAL

Check it izzzout… I got my lanyard and accessories. I got the, “Not slim, Kinda shady.” I’m gonna be soOoOo kewL…

the farthest edge (Lyrics)

Come with me to the farthest edge that we find when we’re not well Come with me Come with me to the darkest land where we fight the lord of death Come with me Aaaah, aaah, aaah aaah Won’t you just let me Oh, oh, oh, oh Aaaah, aaah, aaah aaah Won’t you just let me be in your darkest dreams Oh come with me to the Aaaah, aaah, aaah aaah Won’t you just slay me Oh, oh, oh, oh Aaaah, aaah, aaah aaah Won’t you degrade me Aaaah, aaah, aaah aaah Make me lose my san-ity