Shit My fLow (Lyrics)

I can’t stand these sucker bitches no more.
I’m bout to bust one on em. So Check it…

I saw you round the way
Just the other day

Peeped you running your trap
And I heard you say

You want to psyche my flow
You want to steal the show

You want to deal me a blow
Cuz you’re a gangsta foe?

You ain’t no gangsta yo
You ain’t even up on my score

I spit my rhymes when I snore
I’ll burn you down to the floor

I’ll kick your rhymez to the gutter
Just ask your friends what I sputter

Punk bitch get out of my way
Before I mitigate you my prey

I spit shit rhyming all day
Already said what you say

So if you think you can go
I just think that you should know
There ain’t no place I can’t go
Man I Shit My Flow

You spit shit call me a digger
Talkin bout you’ll pull a trigger

There’s no escaping my vigor
I’ll psyche you out with a snicker

Think you’re the man on your block
Said you be rhyming like Pac

Think you can beat me with ease?
All you be rhyming is cheese

You’re giving me the hebedajeebies

Jump back, Bump this track
Throw you a hibbidie-smack

Cuz you a sucker bitch
Yeah that’s what you are

You a sucker sucker bitch
But you think you’re a real star

Sucker bitch
You think you run the show
But you ain’t even got a chance
Man I Shit My Flow

I shitty shitty shit my flow
You gonna gitty git my flow

And if you wanna step on my toe
You better get ready for war

I’ll shit on your rhymes like a pro
I’ll shit on the dumb shit you throw

I’ll shit on your car
I’ll shit on your dame

I’ll shit on your shit
I’ll shit on your name

I’ll shit on you
What ya gonna do?

I’ll shit on your crew
And your point of view

Then I’ll wipe my ass
Do little dance

Hit you with my gas
Put you in a trance

And when you can’t it take no more
I’ll flitty flitty flush you for sure

So if you want to break your downfall
Bitch find your way to the door
I really don’t think you can go
MAAAN I shit my flow

So the next time you see me walking my trek
You better be walking correct

I really don’t hold disrespect
You really don’t wanna see me wrecked

When I feel that pain in my gut
You gon be stuck in a rut

My shit is like rain coming down
My shit won’t stop til you drown

When I fee fi fo, better run away
I shit my toll just the other day

The whole thing was obscene
Going round and round

Had to clean the mess up
When it hit the ground

Saving up my best round for a rainy day
I can give my best up if you wanna play

Just remember I warned you before the show
So I won’t feel bad when you out the door

Even after all them times I blow
Guess you didn’t know
Man I shit my flow

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