Shit My fLow (Lyrics)

Raaaaaaaaaah! I can’t stand these sucker bitches no more. I’m bout to bust one on em. So Check it… I saw you round the way Just the other day Peeped you running your trap And I heard you say You want to psyche my flow You want to steal the show You want to deal me a blow Cuz you’re a gangsta foe? You ain’t no gangsta yo You ain’t even up on my score I spit my rhymes when I snore I’ll burn you down to the floor I’ll kick your rhymez to the gutter Just ask your friends what I sputter Punk bitch get out of my way Before I mitigate you my prey I spit shit rhyming all day Already said what you say So if you think you can go I just think that you should know There ain’t no place I can’t go Man I Shit My Flow You spit shit call me a digger Talkin bout you’ll pull a trigger There’s no escaping my vigor I’ll psyche you out with a snicker Think you’re the man on your block Said you be rhyming like Pac