Hate Being Me (Poem)

I hate being me
A constant nagging in my gut
As sure as life will carry on
You can rest assured this world will not

I can’t explain it
Can’t escape it
Can’t hide behind my face

So deep inside my thoughts
I can’t explain the miles I race

Stuck in a daze
In a maze of deja vu
Trying to figure out the world
To understand how mountains move

Just don’t give a fuck
Don’t understand why they don’t like me Only friend is turning up

They say I’m not special
There’s someone out there just like me

When you find em
Let me know
So we can both hate being me

3 AM (Poem)

It’s always 3 AM in the mind of an addict Time to forget what you need So you can regret what you want Time to break from your life You got a load you can’t bear They keep telling you ‘be grateful’ But they ain’t pouring your fill The only one you ever listen to is that voice in your head Feeding you lies Peddling fear Taking you on rides to nowhere You don’t know how to live You’re a walking defect Don’t even know where to begin making amends for your debt You got a skid row soul You got blight in your head You just forgot what you need And it’s 3 AM