Street Wisdom: Serenity

It is what it is We cant change that But we can change it by making it better than what it is Ya heard?

Better than I? (Poem)

You think you know better than I But I know something you won’t even try It starts with a What? And begins with a Why? Mix in some When’s? And don’t forget the How’s? Then a comforting hug And some pats on the back Reassuring words that life is more than wack All your shoulda, woulda, couldas must not know about me You think you know better than I But only I know what’s better for me

Sundowning (Poem)

I’m sundowning Hmmmmmmm A seedling in the shade A drought that passes through the rain It’s so cloudy Hmmmmmmm I can’t seem to decide if right is right The night is blinding No boundaries Hmmmmmmm So traveled deep inside Oh my Oh my The mind is winding

One nation under god…

How many oxymorons does it take to teach the sheeple how to fly?

Cognitive Dissonance (Poem)

Never the tween shall meet… Scientific general consensus? Oxymoronic at best But what’s an oxymoron when nothing makes sense? Fakestream media is locking horns again The GOATs and the Rams pushing cognitive dissonance But what is consensus? In a world where the goats are just here to provoke til their lies are the yoke that yields wind for the oats Scattered in the fields… So densely packed there’s no room for what iSreAL… So far from norm that the norm is Scientifi-KILL All hail to science Kill all freedom that rings… Dissonance

Two Steppin (Poem)

I took about five steps back from the mirror Then turned around and took a step out the door I did the grapevine down the hallway Then turned a twirl before I stepped out the door Now if there’s one thing I wish you would kindly Just please remember as you go through your day I only made two steps directed at forward But all the rest still got me going my way

For Paradise (Lyrics)

All alone in the world Not a liiight in sight Take it in Can’t let go Hold it all inside For the pain in your head For the hole your heart For the knives in your skin What you grateful for? For the sun For the Earth For the rain And the fire For the snakes in the grass For the birds in the skies For the only clouds we will ever reach For our place in time For Paradise

Heavy On Ya (Lyrics)

Talk about it Talk about it all day But don’t say too much Sulk about it Suck it up Move on There’s nothing you can say Heavy on ya It weighs so heavy on It’s written on your face Talk about it But don’t say too much It’s not for you to say Heavy on ya Heavy on ya Heavy on ya Heavy on ya

Waiting for the Time (Poem)

Killuminati All through my body I got a lot that’s on my mind And I been waiting for the time To resuscitate the And unfederate the Got a lot of patience with the But I’m out my mind with the Chosen Ones

Shit My fLow (Lyrics)

Raaaaaaaaaah! I can’t stand these sucker bitches no more. I’m bout to bust one on em. So Check it… I saw you round the way Just the other day Peeped you running your trap And I heard you say You want to psyche my flow You want to steal the show You want to deal me a blow Cuz you’re a gangsta foe? You ain’t no gangsta yo You ain’t even up on my score I spit my rhymes when I snore I’ll burn you down to the floor I’ll kick your rhymez to the gutter Just ask your friends what I sputter Punk bitch get out of my way Before I mitigate you my prey I spit shit rhyming all day Already said what you say So if you think you can go I just think that you should know There ain’t no place I can’t go Man I Shit My Flow You spit shit call me a digger Talkin bout you’ll pull a trigger There’s no escaping my vigor I’ll psyche you out with a snicker Think you’re the man on your block Said you be rhyming like Pac