Bloodbath (Poem)

I smell different So what? If I took a bath in perfume I could prolly smell just like you But I won’t cuz I’m woke And I wont leave this world up in smoke With the mess I leave behind And the lies that rule the blind Can’t see it with your eyes But you’ll feel it when it’s your time All the stuff you think you need To raise your dopamine As clout as it may seem Your want is to extreme

Fix Your Face Girl (Poem)

Fix your face girl Take off the mask Remove all that makeup you use to hide yourself You are beautiful no matter what Don’t hide who you are You are enough Don’t let others define who you are You don’t need approval to do what you want You are the light Stop hiding yourself Let your chapter be known in the book of the world Stop crying about yesterday Don’t worry about tomorrow Let today be the day you swelter the bars No prison is fitted to cage the truth If a dog pretends to be a cat the dog will eventually bark

I Am INTJ (Poem)

An architectural genius who no one wants to hire Forever cursed by the incessant judgement of morons who can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to think for themselves Plagued by the disease of addiction that stems from being out casted by cultural norms and moronism Haunted by a mind that wont shut up Ridiculed for having a death stare Mocked for pacing around, talking to myself Insulted for having a mind of my own I am the INTJ

Real World Alien (Poem)

White girl From Riverdale Getting lessoned on keepin it real No more talkin shit Unless you owning it No more calling people out their name This ain’t Riverdale Welcome to hell You’re an alien In the real world

I Need You (Poem)

I need you But I don’t need you to save me I don’t need you to fix me I don’t need you to change me I need you to be who you are And love who I am Be the support I need to wholly support you back I need you to wrap your arms around me and hold me like I’m the prize at the end of a hunger strike I need you to need me I need you to be my disease and my cure My fall and my rise My focus and my detour I need you to make me feel secure when you’re out on the town living the life that you deserve


I had a dream last night that I hated everybody And everything anybody had ever touched It was the worst night terror I had ever conjured I could feel the hate boil in my gut I woke up screaming, ‘I HATE EVERYBODYYYY.’ I’m sure they could hear me down the block But say it ain’t so I’m sure it can’t be true Cuz that would mean I hate me too

The things you never did… (Poem)

The alluring ones Life is but an impenetrable bubble that you dare never pop So aesthetically appealing to trauma ridden eyes Eyes that see the wiles of the ruse that never stops But your eyes see only you On the cover of magazines Bloody carpets In the spotlight On the signs of city streets Your bubble may never pop As you live your fullest life Flashy cars and gaudy mansions Front row seats at your own rite But after all you’ve done is done And you retire to your grave Your only true remembrance is the things you never did

The Coast is Never Clear (Poem)

As I start the next chapter in my autobiography I praise the Good Lord for waking me up another day Free from the horrors of active addiction I have found a way to live and enjoy life… just for the day I thank God oh Lord for stickin and stayin Even in my darkest hour The hideous four horsemen were denied the boast of my obliteration Terror, bewilderment, frustration, despair The whistling winds of loneliness The burdens I couldn’t bear All have been arrested along with worry and fear I’m talking about a God who taught me how to sit up straight Get down on my knees and pray Quit whining and communicate

Getting Clean Problem (Poem)

My life is on the skids My soul is on skid row I got a blight of a mind way out the line inside a tomb I can’t remember when I went mad Allz I know is I’m no fool I got a million reasons why I can’t get in line with all your drool I’m married to my filth Dirt from head to foot I never wash my hand clean of the messes that I earn I’m in debt for things I don’t own anymore I got nothing in my bag At times I reminisce on the life I never had You say I have a drinking problem But I don’t know what that means Maybe you got me confused with somebody who cares what you think

Fair Weather Plans (Poem)

Are you a fair weather wind? A gust that blows on by in pleasantry Then fades away just as the sweat starts to bead on a hot summer day What is fair? And who’s to know what weather will come? At what time? All plans off… What plans can stand against life’s term? Planning for fair weather is a planned disaster Fair weather plans can’t weather a storm Fair weather friends are gone before they go But a plan for a storm is a plan worth to share And stay weather friends are the only ones who care