I Wish… (Poem)

You’re the only one knocks the wind out my heart
Makes it beat fast and slow
Gives me that kind of anxiety that invigorates my soul

I want to know what you know
See through your scope
Know your every ire, every secret, every hope

I wish I were your hat
So I could see what’s on your skull
Savor all the thoughts you hide
And all the words you flow

I wish I were your sneakers
So I could take you where you want to go
Protect your feet from all you bear
And make you feel more comfortable

I wish I were your jacket
So I could have your back at all times
Come rain or sleet or hail or shine
Or whether you’re right or wrong

I wish I were your glasses
So I could see the world through your eyes
Throw some shade at the foes who hate
And aid in your disguise

I wish I were your only one
I wish you wish it too
I wish I were your everything
I hope my wish comes true

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