Fix Your Face Girl (Poem)

Fix your face girl Take off the mask Remove all that makeup you use to hide yourself You are beautiful no matter what Don’t hide who you are You are enough Don’t let others define who you are You don’t need approval to do what you want You are the light Stop hiding yourself Let your chapter be known in the book of the world Stop crying about yesterday Don’t worry about tomorrow Let today be the day you swelter the bars No prison is fitted to cage the truth If a dog pretends to be a cat the dog will eventually bark

I Am INTJ (Poem)

An architectural genius who no one wants to hire Forever cursed by the incessant judgement of morons who can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to think for themselves Plagued by the disease of addiction that stems from being out casted by cultural norms and moronism Haunted by a mind that wont shut up Ridiculed for having a death stare Mocked for pacing around, talking to myself Insulted for having a mind of my own I am the INTJ