The Coast is Never Clear (Poem)

As I start the next chapter in my autobiography
I praise the Good Lord for waking me up another day

Free from the horrors of active addiction
I have found a way to live and enjoy life…
just for the day

I thank God oh LORD for stickin and stayin
Even in my darkest hour
The hideous four horsemen were denied the boast of my obliteration

Terror, bewilderment, frustration, despair
The whistling winds of loneliness
The burdens I couldn’t bear
All have been arrested along with worry and fear

I’m talking about a God who taught me to sit up straight
Get down on my knees and pray
Quit whining and communicate
Breathe in the hope and blow out the hate

I left the brown bag behind
But I can’t say I’ll never look back

What ain’t dead can reappear
And the coast is never clear


  1. Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Amazing poetry shared by a talented writer.

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  2. Dear Maria. I loved this poem. I believe I met the devil a few times and I hope the gods are my side. An outstanding poem and I enjoyed your work today.

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