Getting Clean Problem (Poem)

My life is on the skids
My soul is on skid row
I got a blight of a mind way out the line in a tomb

I can’t remember when I went mad
Allz I know is I’m no fool
I got a million reasons why I can’t get in line with all your drool

I’m married to my filth
Dirt from head to foot
I never wash my hands clean of the messes that I work

I’m in debt for things I don’t own anymore
I got nothing in my bag
At times I reminisce on the life I never had

You say I have a drinking problem
But I don’t know what that means
Maybe you got me confused with somebody who cares what you think

Drinking makes me feel better
It’s the cure for everything
The only time I ever have a problem is when I’m clean

Getting clean is the worst thing ever
It’s nothing that you claim
It’s agonizing terror
It’s the reason why I drink

There’s the reason why when I get clean I start fighting with myself
I can’t stand the people in my life
I stay crying like a child

It’s a very simple point, you see
I got a problem with getting clean

I don’t know what you be doing
But it ain’t cleaning nothing for me

Maybe someday you’ll let me in on the little secret you refuse to tell everybody

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