Fair Weather Plans (Poem)

Are you a fair weather wind?
A gust that blows on by in pleasantry
Then fades away just as the sweat starts to bead on a hot summer day

What is fair?
And who’s to know
what weather will come?
At what time?
All plans off…

What plans can stand against life’s terms?
Planning for fair weather is a planned disaster

Fair weather plans can’t weather a storm
Fair weather friends are gone before they go

But a plan for a storm is a plan worth to share
And stay weather friends are the only ones who care

This ain’t no fair weather share
I’m trying to find a new way to live not a new way to act

So I don’t act like things are good when there’s a bad motherfucker in my head lording havoc

What plans do you have?
Cuz I ain’t going nowhere

I’m bout to sit right here with an eye and an ear
And a mind with no terms
And a life I can’t steer

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