Recovery and Relapse (NA)

The following is a prerequisite to working the steps. I hafta write about various NA pamphlets. The first one I am writing about is “Recovery and Relapse.”

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a program that focuses on recovery through a fellowship that favors holistic growth in all facets of life. Empathy is the crux that incites the fellowship to give and recieve the unconditional mental, physical, emotional and spiritual support that is needed to live a life free from obsession and compulsion.

Many of addicts in early recovery tend to believe that recovery is either abstinence or the ever elusive controlled method of using that eliminates or reduces unmanageable symptoms such as blackouts or the diminished capacity to perform basic life functions. NA upholds that recovery is the elimination of obsession and compulsion in all aspects of life. Substance use is viewed as a mere symptom of a much deeper-rooted disease that plagues the mind with inumeral defects of thought and action.

While many other pathways toward recovery focus on the elimination of unmanageable symptoms, NA reveres empathy as a healing therapy that delves into the deeper levels of feelings and emotions. An atmosphere of empathetic connection is NA’s central means to embolden the dynamic forces of change. NA attracts its members through a fellowship bound by unconditional love and a devotion to guiding each other past the power-keg known as ‘obsessive compulsion’ and toward a more hopeful path that leads to a new way of life, free from the desire to use.

Relapse is viewed as an expectation, not a requirement. Relapse can lead to spiritual awakening or it can carry on til the bitter end. When an abstinent addict is veered off the path of free-choice by the bugaboos or a burdensome life event, the addict often remains compelled to seek the freedom they once knew. Many times the relapse began with a relapse in thought or action. In these cases, the addict may return to the fellowship with greater devotion to spiritual principles. Other times, the addict may continue to relapse until they reach the intersection of the choice between life or death. In any case, NA is always there with open arms and the intention to love the addict until the addict learns to love thy self.

NA meetings are autonomous, which means no meeting is the same. Each meeting may differ culturally and some may have more enthusiasm than others. But once you find a meeting that resonates with your personality, you will receive the most loving and attentive family you can possibly dream of.

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