#@$*^#%&$ (Poem)

Throw a bomb at a war Win or lose Get some cash Get that money like its crack Buy a house and some crap Throw the crap in the trash Throw the trash on the ground Toss it all around Push it out to the sea Act like you don’t see As you walk on by Living out your life Til you lose your house And your car And your crap And then suddenly you see So you have alot to say Throw a bomb Wage a war

Let it Go (Lyrics)

Checking out with my Mmmmmmmmmmm Silence on the way Mmmmmmmmmm Talkin out my name, my name Mmmmmmmmmmmm Dead as all that weight Mmmmmmmmmmmmm There it gooooes Your head your head, your head your head On that wall Get up get up, get up get up What a shame No way no way, No way no way End of the rainbowww Black out black out, Black out black out I’ll decorate your face with my BOOM BOOM I’m tired of seeing you face on face ZOOM ZOOM Fire in the rink DOOOOOM Let it goOooOoo