The Resistance (Poem)

Rooms, rooms, rooms What’s all the talk of all these rooms What typa room is gonna get me something better than what I’ve come to know? I got no time for all that chitter chatter that wee wee wa wa woo That same ole story That broken hearted That ‘hi my name is boo hoo hoo…’ What typa cult gets so obsessed about a meeting full of fools Spouting out the same ole message like they can’t think of something new

Step into The Fire (Poem)

As we step into the fire… Darkness erodes the ground we stand… Life as we know becomes an offering… To the vengeance of the lambs… Can you hear the wedding bells ring, ring, ring ,ring, ring? A union of holy matrimony that will forever be Can you see the light that sets you free?… There is no I in we… As we step into the fire A baptism of truth most don’t want to hear We will bend our knees in horror Of the coming of the lambs