You Showed Me The Way (Poem)

I stepped out of a dark place that I stepped in before I ever knew… Anything I stepped out of the dark place still not knowing… Anything I thought I knew And I make sure you knew I knew But even though you knew I didn’t know You still told me go keep coming, keep sharing, keep growing You loved me until I learned to love myself Unconditional love

No Booze Day (Poem)

It’s a drab day It’s a dwelling on every drab day I ever had day It’s a lay around on my monkeyass and pick at all my scabs day It’s a blah day It’s a don’t ask me how I’m feeling cuz I’m a get really fucken mad day It’s a sad day It’s a sit around Face all a mess Quick to profess That I’m worth less than the corn in my shit that I cant’ digest It’s a cold day It’s a holed up in my room catching a snooze day It’s a no matter what I ain’t drinking that booze da

I’m So KoRNy (Poem)

I’m so korny I could feed a fam of forty get em screaming ‘Oh my Lordy’ As they taste my homemade korny bread I’m fed up with this motherfucken orgy and that’s what’s up Nothing gets more fucken korny than The system So go get off your fucken korny ass and get em

I See Your Face (Lyrics)

I see your face In all see Love is drifting away But I still hold on Locked inside of me You’re the rise and fall You’re the lock and key You’re the Kingdom Come I see your face In all see Love is drifting away But I still hold on There’s no height I can’t reach When you’re the pedestal The love I have inside is unconditional

Sitting in the Moonlight (Lyrics)

Sitting in the moonlight Staring at the stars Thinking I’m a be alright if I hold on tight through the highs and the lows and the wrongs and the rights And I dont wanna lose sight Of all that I’ve become All the changes I’ve made And the wrongs I right And the pages I turned And the tears I criiiied Sitting in the moonlight Staring at the stars Praying for the ones who can’t see who they really are On the wrong side of waiting For the prize down the road All the fears they can’t see They’ve become