Solving a Mystery

I found a wallet up yonder in the Bronx by Lehman Highschool. At first I thought it was a student then I realized the girl is 21. It’s an odd find. Nothing about it makes sense. I think the chick may be some typa hooker who got bagged by her daddy. I’m really starting to think something bad happened to her. Should I give it to the police?

The contents include:

An ATM transaction record from the Chase card in her wallet with a balance of $334.24

Another Chase card ‘Freedom Unlimited’

Two Chime cards. One hers and one her older sister. Her older sister is 26 and looks like her younger teenaged sister.

A wash & dry card from Brook Ave in the Bronx

A Dave & Buster’s reward card

A valid learner’s permit that says she turned 21 in 2020 and that says she lives in South Ozone Par, NY.

An interim ID card from 2019 (same as the permit) but the address is from Newburgh, NY

An expired 2018 ID that is presumed to be her 26 year old sister’s but they have completely different names and look exactly alike.

A lottery slip that has her ‘Daddy’s’ number on it. I called it five times and texted with no answer. My friends found her on Facebook but she never responded.

A Walmart receipt from Evahs Mills, NY.

A National CPR Foundation card

A CSC service works card

A Covid vaccination card

A Covid Excelsior Pass

A cashapp card

And some typa hospital card from Mew York City Health & Hospitals Corp.

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