Reprogramming My Brain

I’m so annoyed right now. We had two hours to get ready after we went to the gym and this girl isn’t even dressed. She took a half hour shower and took an hour to est lunch. Dufuq?

I just saw this chick who I was friends with until she left. She looks horrific. And she’s homeless. Shr was doing so well. Had a job and everything. That is so sad. She said they threw all her stuff away. I hope she goes back to rehab.

I been trying to reprogram my brain by saying the opposite of all the negative things I say to myself. It’s kinda hard because of all the insults I endured for twenty-four years but I think I got the hang of things…

Instead of ‘I’m a loser

Instead of ‘I suck

Instead of ‘I’m the worst
I’m the BEST

Instead of ‘I need a cigarette …
I am chillin. My health is all I need. My body is constantly rejuvenating. I am whole.

Instead of ‘We’re never getting outta here…
She’ll be done in a few minutes. It’s still a beautiful day.

Instead of ‘I hate my life. I’ll never be happy. I’m just gonna get old and die alone and never accomplish anything…

I am happy. I’m young and free. I can do whatever I want. God directs my path.

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