Solving a Mystery

I found a wallet up yonder in the Bronx by Lehman Highschool. At first I thought it was a student then I realized the girl is 21. It’s an odd find. Nothing about it makes sense. I think the chick may be some typa hooker who got bagged by her daddy. I’m really starting to think something bad happened to her. Should I give it to the police?

Thanksgiving Marathon

I went to a NA Thanksgiving marathon. My counselor only gave us enough time to go to one meeting. So annoying. Next time she better let us stay. At least we got to eat. Everything was delicious. Especially the beef and collard greens. I ate mine before my friend was even partially done with hers.

Reprogramming My Brain

I’m so annoyed right now. We had two hours to get ready after we went to the gym and this girl isn’t even dressed. She took a half hour shower and took an hour to est lunch. Dufuq?