I think I’m gonna get a new ASsTube. There’s too much videos about Eminem and narcissism and mental illness. It’s really fucken me up in the head. I need to reset my membrane, get my head out the clouds and stop thinking about dumb shit. It’s outta control. I should start watching meditations and affirmations and shit like that. Reprogram my brain twat not…

More Lizard Traits Identified

I been watching ASsTubes about narcissistic Lizardome and it made me sick to my stomach. I had to stop watching. It was giving me unbearable flashbacks. The main things that stuck out is that Lizardz need constant reactions from people or they feel like life is inadequate. Reactions including terror, overwhelming empathy and sympathy, adoration, yadda yadda. And also that when Lizardz are upset and reigning argumentative terror and insults upon you they never actually look at you.

I’m Moving On (Poem)

I’m moving on with my life Maybe you should too Things will never be the same And I will never be with you I will never ever be what you want me to be And you will never understand what it means to love me