Come for Me Lover (Poem)

Come for me lover Take me away Why must I wait so long? The passing of time is the worst kind of torture How can I be grateful with such hunger inside? Tell me you love me Whisper in my ear Say you’ll always be mine Shelter my body in the warmth of your skin Kiss and caress as I feel you within Talk to me lover I want to know all Every treasure you keep in your heart The only jewel I’ll ever ask from you is the diamond that you are

The Illusion of Knowing (Poem)

The illusion of knowing prevents us from learning Stops us from growing Voids all we have When we project what we know we crash into each other and damage control becomes the problem at hand Not knowing enables connection Curiosity yields new growth Humility conjures the empath inside And empathy is pride’s antidote We don’t know that we don’t know what we don’t know We can’t find what we don’t know that we don’t have No one can fill a cup that is full And nobody knows everything