Tried to Watch BMF

I tried to watch BMF, but I couldn’t pay attention for the life of me. Never saw some Eminem. I couldn’t watch Power. I can watch murder all the live long day, but if it involves drug dealing I just can’t watch it. Drugs and gangsters is where I draw the line. I suppose it’s from the trauma of being trapped in the crack game for fifteen years.

Welbutrin is Kickin In

My Welbutrin is working finally. I’m not craving cigarettes. I’m still tired from the seasonal plibbity plob but at least I’m not tryina jump out the window cuz of it… Progress

Profile of a Lizard

OoOooOooh… You know how they profile serial killers and shit? I’m gonna create a profile of a Lizard. It’s gonna be so eerily similar. Then I can remind certain Lizardz of their Lizardome when their Lizardous symptoms become activated…