Where I’m At (Poem)

Before you impart your undying wisdom upon me
there are a few things you oughtta know

I have a brain
And I use it to think
And I think about things often more than I should
Things that aren’t taught and are often misunderstood
Things that are lost to those who think they’re no good

I have eyes
And I use them to see
And I see everthing from my own point of view
I see things that are only seen by the few
I see things that most can’t even find with a clue

I have ears
And yes they do hear
And I listen to everything that pumps out a sound
I listen to crowds when they can’t settle down
And I listen to silence in silence spellbound

So if you think you’re telling me something I don’t know…

You better think twice and ask me first
Before you talk up your game and I prove you unversed
And you lose what you had cuz your bubble just burst

Just get off the horse
And cut you some slack
Then maybe you can meet me where I’m at

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